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•   Barry D. Peckham  1/18
•   Dave Yates (Yates)  1/9
•   Ruth A. Sweeney  12/15
•   Jan Jasper  12/14
•   Mark Whitlow (Whitlow)  12/2
•   Leslie Horlacher (Class Of '73) Heaton (Horlacher)  10/31
•   Terry McAleer (Class Of '73)  10/28
•   Catherine Jerred (Bonser)  4/22
•   Steven K. Crofoot  3/30
•   Anita L. Endrezze  3/27
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2 live in Alaska
5 live in Arizona
3 live in California
3 live in Colorado
1 lives in Florida
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2 live in Hawaii
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2 live in Montana
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12 live in Oregon
1 lives in Pennsylvania
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4 live in Texas
2 live in Utah
1 lives in Virginia
112 live in Washington
1 lives in Mexico
1 lives in Thailand
63 location unknown


•   Pamela K. Long (Brandt)  4/1
•   Christina L. Martens (Gordon)  4/5
•   Edward P. Ross  4/5
•   Karla M. Winkleman  4/5
•   Pamela L. Sellers (Cline)  4/6
•   Susan E. Peters (Willden)  4/8
•   Chiere E. Downie (Martyn)  4/9
•   Ronald E. Russell  4/9
•   Kenneth J. Green  4/14
•   Stephen J. Baran  4/20
•   Debra Christensen (Hansen)  4/20
•   Raymond F. Golly  4/22
•   Peggy A. Davis (Evans)  4/23
•   Kenneth F. Proctor Jr  4/30

Mead High School
Class Of 1970

Mead Class of 1969 Picnic is June 10th 12-4pm Franklin Park... And our '70 Class  is invited!

If you plan to attend register here:    Bring a protein, salad or dessert and your beverage (no alcohol).

Questions, contact Tricia (Gregorak) Robinow - 925-586-8526
                               Melanie (Walker) Pfaff - 503-508-8526

         Welcome to OUR Mead '70 Class Website!

 Welcome 'Mead 70' classmates and invited guests! We're glad you're here. Go to Classmate Profiles to register & complete your personal profile. If it is your first time here please click on the "First Time Visitors" link on the left side of the page.  Questions, Comments or Suggestion?  Contact Scott Eymer site administrator.

 Monthly Luncheon or Dinner gatherings:  We usually meet monthly for lunch (11:30am) or dinner (5pm) with classmates October through May.

NEXT GATHERING: Wednesday April 12th, 11:30 at Poole's Public House - North...Hastings at Ruby (12319 N Ruby).

March 14, 2023 at Ferraro's Italian Restaurant:

L to R: Ron Lehman, Denny Horlacher, Tim Daniels, Sandie and Scott Eymer, Ray Golly, Steve Brown, Herb Thomas, Judy Evans, Julie Clark, Tom Stecher.

 Wednesday February 22, 2023 at Rancho Chico

L to R: Joel Wells, Steve Brown, Judy Evans, Julie Clark, Jackie Wells, Vicki Jeffries, Tim and Marti Daniels, Scott and Sandie Eymer, Tom Stecher, Herb Thomas

Tuesday January 17, 2023 at The Cathay Inn

L to R:  Denny Horlacher, Herb Thomas, Steve Brown, Ron Lehman, Tom Stecher,  Leslie Horlacher (class of '73), Ray Golly, Tim and Marti Daniels, Judy Evans, Susan Peters Wilden, Sandie Eymer, Judy LeBahn, Julie Clark, ScottEymer

November 9, 2022 at Poole's Public House

The snow and cold kept many at home....but those that came had a great time visiting.  And we really liked Poole's...we'll be back!

L to R: Judy Rock Evans, Sandie DeFreese Eymer, Scott Eymer, Julie Clark, Herb Thomas, Steve Brown, Ron Lehman.

October 19, 2022 Luncheon at Downriver Grill

L to R:  Julie Clark, Judy Rock Evans, Marti Boyle Daniels, Sandie DeFreese Eymer, Jackie Wells, Susan Peters Willden, Steve Brown, Joel Wells, Scott Eymer, Ron Lehman, Barb Simpson Arnold, Anne Leslie Hooper.

June 9, 2022 The Swinging Doors

 L to R: Susan (Peters) Willden, Scott and Sandie (DeFreese) Eymer, Judy (Rock) Evans, Jackie and Joel Wells, Gloria (Breeden) Staudinger, Tim Arneson, Anne (Leslie) Hooper, Barb (Simpson) Arnnold, Tom Stecher, Vicki (Plumb) Jeffries, Julie Clark.

May 12, 2022 Lunch at Hi-Revs Bar and Lounge

L to R:  Herb Thomas, Judy (Rock) Evans, Jackie Wells, Sandie (DeFreese) Eymer, Susan (Peters) Willden, Anne (Leslie) Hooper, Tom Stecher, Julie Clark, Ron Lehman, Scott Eymer, Joel Wells, Eldon Garrett

April 14, 2022 Luncheon at Round Table Pizza. 

L to R: Susan (Peters) Willden, Marti (Boyle) Daniels, Mary (Laws) Reno (class of '69), Julie Clark (widow of Jerry Clark, class of '69), Joel Wells, Ron Lehman.  Not pictured, Jackie Wells.

L to R: Anne (Leslie) Hooper, Steve Brown, Ken Hoff, Ken Clark (class of '71) Tom Stecher.  Scott Eymer, not pictured.

L to R: Judy (Rock) Evans, Sandie (DeFreese) Eymer, Judy (Grim) Lebahn, Betty (Heritage) Graham.


March 15, 2022 at Hops 'n Drops in North Spokane.

L to R:  Anne (Leslie) Hooper, Judy (Grim) Lebahn, Judy (Rock) Evans, Marti (Boyle) Daniels, Joel and Jackie Wells, Scott Eymer, Steve Brown, Eldon Garrett, Ron Lehman, Tim Daniels, Susan (Peters) Willden (not pictured, Herb Thomas)

March 15, 2022...the Boys.  Herb Thomas, Steve Brown, Eldon Garrett, Ron Lehman, Tim Daniels.

March 15, 2022. Scott Eymer and Judy (Grim) Lebahn who traveled from her home in Tennessee.

November 16, 2021 at Ferraros Family Italian Restaurant

L to R: Judy (Rock) Evans, Sandie (DeFreese) Eymer, Ken Clark (class of '71), Tim and Marti (Boyle) Daniels, Ron Lehman, Jackie and Joel Wells, Anne (Leslie) Hooper, Barb (Simpson) Arnold, Tom Stecher, Julie Clark, Scott Eymer


"Celebration of LIfe" for Kathy (Beal) Brown was held on November 6, 2021, at Dalkena Community Church in Newport, Washington.  The Mead Class of 1970 was well represented by speakers Ken Hoff and Scott Eymer.  A moving part of the memorial was the recognition of Kathy's service to her community as a firefighter and her many EMT roles. Deepest sympathies to classmate Steve Brown and Kathy's families.


Tuesday, October 19, 2021.  Luncheon at Wandermere Clubhouse

L to R:  Ken Clark '71, Marti (Boyle) Daniels, Julie Clark, Sandie (DeFreese) and Scott Eymer, Denny Horlacher, Susan (Peters) Wilden, Ron Lehman. Good conversation and an effort to support Wandermere before they close for the winter.

May 12, 2021.  Lunch....On the patio at Backyard Public House on West Broadway.  Beautiful day...nice group!

(top left) Anne (Leslie) Hooper, Marti (Boyle) Daniels, Susan (Peters) Willden,  Scott Eymer, Joel and Jackie Wells, (2nd row, top) Judy (Rock) Evans, Tom Stecher, Sandie (DeFreese) Eymer

(L) Denny Horlacher, Judy (Rock) Evans, Anne (Leslie) Hooper, Ron Lehman, Eldon Garrett, Joel Wells, Susan (Peters) Wilden, Marti (Boyle) Daniels, Leslie Horlacher.

On the patio at Ruby River Hotel- Luncheon- April 16, 2021.  Beautiful Day!

 Mary (Laws) Reno ('69) Jackie and Joel Wells, Julie Clark (60)

Scott and Sandie (DeFreese) Eymer, Tom Stecher, Judy (Rock) Evans, Ron Lehman

Barb (Simpson) Arnold, Susan (Peters) Willden

Mary (Laws) Reno ('69) Sandie and Scott Eymer, Tom Stecher, Anne (Leslie) Hooper, Jackie and Joel Wells.


Audubon Park 'Brown Bag' dinner outing September 21, 2020.  Outside, social distancing...but fun to visit.  Not pictured Tom Stecher, Marti (Boyle) Daniels

Ron Lehman, Kathy (Beal) Brown & Steve Brown, Joel & Jackie Wells

Barb (Simpson) Arnold, Susan (Peters) Willden)

Scott & Sandie (DeFreese) Eymer

Julie Clark, Mary (Laws) Reno (class of '69)


The New 'Union Stadium' corner of Market and Farwell in Mead (Sept. 2020)

Union Stadium is named after the Union School District that included the property where the sports arena sits. Mead School District absorbed the area when Union went under. Due for completion by the end of September, it includes a $24 million high school stadium that will be the best in the region – at least until Spokane Public Schools completes its own stadium in the fall of 2022.

The stadium includes a 7,200-square-foot locker room building. At the other end is a 5,600-square-foot concessions and restroom building.

Across the parking lot is a performing arts building that will also provide a facility for the drill teams, color guard and award-winning marching bands, which until now were often forced to practice in an available parking lot.

You may recognize these 4 tiles.  They were part of the 1950's addition to our High School and have been saved and reinstalled in the gymnastic center being constructed on our high school site.

"Union Stadium" is the name of the stadium and athletic field being built on the site of our high school athletic field (June 2020)

New Mead elementary school is being built on property behind what was our high school (June 2020)



LUNCHEON...Wednesday, March 11, 2020, at 5 North Brewing Company.  Great crowd,good friends,  great conversation!

L to R:  Tim and Marti (Boyle) Daniels, Susan (Peters) Willden, Anne (Leslie) Hooper, Scott and Sandie (DeFreese) Eymer, Ken Clark (Class of '71) Charlene Faoro (Class of '69), Tom Stecher, Julie Clark, Ron Lehman, Steve and Kathy (Beal) Brown, Barb (Simpson) Arnold, Janice (Wicklund) Lahde), Judy (Dehate) Simpson, Eldon Garrett (not pictured Herb Thomas)


'2nd Wednesday' February 12, 2020 We met for LUNCH at McClain's Pizzeria at the intersection of Division and Hawthorne. Great turnout, good food...easy conversation!  The place wasn't crowded so we lingered longer....

L to R:  Joel and Jackie Wells, Tim and Marti (Boyle) Daniels, Steve and Kathy (Beal) Brown, Ron Lehman, Anne (Leslie) Hooper, Becky (Cooper) South, Ken Clark (class of 71) Vern Weston (Class of 68), Susan (Peters) Willden, Tom Stecher, Karen (Barton) Collier, Vicki (Plumb) Jeffries, Sandie (DeFreese) and Scott Eymer, Herb Thomas, Julie Clark.


'2nd Wednesday' January 8, 2020, Peking North Chinese Restaurant

L to R: Tom Stecher, Vicki (Plumb) Jeffries, Susan (Peters) Wilden, Anne (Leslie) Hooper, Barb (Simpson) Arnold, Martie (Boyle) and Tim Daniels, Jackie and Joel Wells, Ron Lehman, Steve and Kathy (Beal) Brown, Scott and Sandie (DeFreese) Eymer.

Out and About...Marti (Boyle) Daniels captured this photo of English and Drama Teacher Brian Hess (Jan 2020).  If you run into one of our teachers snap a photo so I can post it here...


Out and About...Joel Wells and Cash Stone (December 2019). If you run into one of our teachers, snap a photo so I can post it here.


"Second Wednesday" December 11, 2019, Azteca Mexican Restaurant.  Good food, great conversation...nice crowd!

L to R:  Barb (Simpson) Arnold, Scott Eymer, Joel Wells, Denny Horlacher, Marti (Boyle) Daniels, Mike Eickstadt, Ray Golly, Ron Lehman, Steve and Kathy (Beal) Brown, Stephanie Golly, Vicki (Plumb) Jeffries, Jackie Wells, Sandie (DeFreese) Eymer, Anne (Leslie) Hooper, Susan (Peters) Willden.



"2nd Wednesday" November 13, 2019 at Hogan's Cafe Delux on the South Hill.

L to R: Julie Clark (widow of Jerry Clark, class of '69), Tom Stecher, Ken Clark (class of '71) Charlene Faoro (class of '69), Susan (Peters) Willden, Barb (Simpson) Arnold, Anne (Leslie) Hooper, Sandie (Defreese) Eymer, Scott Eymer, Tim and Marti (Boyle) Daniels.

"2nd Wednesday" October 9th, 2019, at Hops and Drops.  Nice crowd, new faces, great conversation! 4 photos:

L to R: Anne (Leslie) Hooper, Susan (Peters) Willden, Dahn (McGee) Carey, Ron Lehman, Steve Carey, Lane McGee (class of '71)

(back) Kathy (Beal) and Steve Brown, Julie Clark (widow of Jerry Clark class of 69) in front.

Judy (Rock) Evans, Sandie (DeFreese) Eymer

Joel and wife Jackie Wells



Teacher Sighting!  Judy Rock Evans with Bill Smithpeters September 2019. If you spot a teacher from our days at Mead, snap a photo and send it to me!

Our 50th Reunion Committee has met three times over the summer to create a list of possible reunion venues, visit the potential locations and narrow the list down.  FLASH:::

Our 50th Reunion will be held the weekend of September 18 & 19, 2020!   Details will be out soon!

  50th Reunion Committe members pictured include (L-R) Ray Golly (with wife Stephanie), Marti and Time Daniels, Scott and Sandie Eymer, Rod Staudinger (Gloria's husband)  Kathy and Steve Brown, Gloria Staudinger, Anne Hooper, Tom Stecher, Susan Willden and guest.

50th Reunion Committe Meeting (August 29, 2019) L to R Sandie and Scott Eymer, Anne Hooper, Barb Arnold, Susan Willden, Marti and Tim Daniels, Steve and Kathy Brown, Vicki Jeffries, Barry Peckham, Gloria Staudinger, Stephanie and Ray Golly, (not pictured: Tom Stecher).

Website Fundraiser Update:    We exceeded our goal of raising $1,800 to extend our contract with Class Creator, the backbone of our class website, out for ten years...past our 60th Reunion in the year 2030.  Thank you to all who contributed!  Negotiations are underway...


 The old school....
Several classmates gathered on June 20, 2019 to tour the old Mead High School building before it is demolished.  The old building will be removed to make room for the new Mead Athletic Stadium and Performing Arts Venue. (Additional photos added June 25, 2019)
L to R:  Joel Wells, Ron Lehman, Ron Farley, Anne (Leslie) hooper, Susan (Peters) Wilden,  Scott Eymer, Suzanne (Lewis) Hawkins, Eldon Garrett, Herb Thomas, Sandie (DeFreese) Eymer, Janice (Wickland) Lahde, Jim Lahde (class of 68).
Pam (Anderson) Hartsoch) and Mrs. Mary Hyatt.  Jim and Janice (Wicklund) Lahde.
Marti (Boyle) Daniels, Gail and Paul Eacker, Denny Horlacher,
Bill Main, Steve Baran, Ken Campbell
Anne (Durham) Grun (class of '69) and Sandie (DeFreese) Eymer
Letter Sweaters!  Paul Eacker and Dale Preedy (class of 1954)
Admin offices, Lockers (all with lead paint!)
Band room, Lunch room
Scott Eymer, Pam (Anderson) Hartsoch and husband Skip in the Choir Room
Choir Room
Home Ec
The Stage
The Gym
Narrow wonder Mead felt crowded between classes!
Zips Restaurant.  L to R: Denny Horlacher, Alison (Bantz-class of 69) and Ron Farley, Ray Golly, Marti (Boyle) Daniels, Jackie and Joel Wells, Eldon Garrett, Suzanne (Lewis) Hawkins, Ron Lehman, Susan (Peters) Wilden, Anne (Leslie) Hooper, Sandie (DeFreese) Eymer, Leslie Horlacher, Gail and Paul Eacker.
Several Classmates attend funeral services for Vern Smith on May 24, 2019
Francis Vernon Smith
Mike Eickstadt, Scott Eymer, Barry Peckham
Vicki (Plumb) Jeffries, Anne (Leslie) Hooper, Barb (Simpson) Arnold
Frank Moran (class of '69), Tom Murphy, Bob Scollard
2nd Wednesday, May 8, 2019 at Prospectors Bar and Grill.
L to R:  Marti (Boyle) Daniels, Sandie (DeFreese) Eymer, Gloria (Breeden) Staudinger, Ray Golly, Julie Clark, Steve and Kathy (Beal) Brown, Tom Stecher, Ken Hoff, Stephanie Golly, Scott Eymer, Anne (Leslie) Hooper, Ron Lehman.
"Second Wednesday" April 10, 2019 atMacKenzie River Pizza.
L to R:  Steve Brown, Anne (Leslie) Hooper, Ron Lehman, Marti (Boyle) and Tim Daniels, Barb (Simpson) Arnold, Herb Thomas, Ray and Stephanie Golly, Charlene Faoro (Class of '69), Sandie (DeFreese) and Scott Eymer, Julie Clark (widow of Jerry Clark, Class of '69), Tom Stecher.
"Second Wednesday" March 13, 2019 Cathay Inn.  Cold, snowy night...didn't bother these hardy souls! 
L to R:  Kathy (Beal) and Steve Brown, Julie Clark (widow of Jerry Clark, class of '69), Charlene Faoro (class of '69), Ken Clark (class of '71), Ron Lehman, Ray and Stephanie Golly, Anne (Leslie) Hooper, Barb (Simpson) Arnold, Sandie (DeFreese) and Scott Eymer, Susan (Peters) Wildden and grandson Elijah.
Karen (Jack) Waggoner's Memorial-
On Saturday February 24, 2019, at Hope Lutheran Church in Spokane Valley, the following classmates attended representing the Mead Class of 1970:
Scott and Sandie (DeFreese) Eymer
Dave and Janny Axelson
Sandie (DeFreese) Eymer and Kathy (Berg) Walters-Hite
"Second Wednesday" February 13, 2019 -Luncheon at Azteca Mexican Restaurant.
 L to R: Tom Stecher, Anne (Leslie) Hooper, Sandie (DeFreese) Eymer, Judy (Grim) Lebahn, Susan (Peters) Wilden, Kathy Bloom (class of 1964), Tim Daniels, Marti (Boyle) Daniels, Barb (Simpson) Arnold, Ron Lehman, Kathy (Beal) and Steve Brown, Ken Hoff, Scott Eymer
'Second Wednesday' January 9, 2019 at Roundtable Pizza.
L to R:  Ray Golly, Anne (Leslie) Hooper, Tim and Marti (Boyle) Daniels, Susan (Peters) Wilden, Barb (Simpson) Arnold, Kathy Bloom (class of 1964) Ron Lehman, Sandie (DeFreese) and Scott Eymer, Stephanie Golly.
"2nd Wednesday" December 12th, 2018 at Ferraro's Italian Restaurant.   A cold and snowy night didn't keep these regulars away...
L to R:  Ray and Stephanie Golly, Ron Lehman, Sandie (DeFreese) and Scott Eymer, Tom Stecher, Tim and Marti (Boyle) Daniels, Susan (Peters) Wilden, Barb (Simpson) Arnold, Anne (Leslie) Hooper.
"2nd Wednesday" November 14, 2018 at Hop Jack's.  Good food, nice group, great time!
L to R:  Steve and Kathy (Beal) Brown, Susan (Peters) Wilden, Barb (Simpson) Arnold, Sandie (DeFreese) Eymer, Tim and Marti (Boyle) Daniels, Anne (Leslie) Hooper, Scott Eymer, Herb Thomas.  Not pictured but attended David Corn and his wife Barbara.
"2nd Wednesday" October 10, 2018 - Spikes Restaurant on Francis.
L to R:  Barry Peckham, Sandie (DeFreese) and Scott Eymer, Tim Daniels,
Richard Leslie (class of '71) Marti (Boyle) Daniels, Anne (Leslie) Hooper, Vicki (Plumb) Jeffries, Susan (Peters) Wilden, Ray Golly, Ron Lehman.
          Old Friends Meet for Dinner
Karen Barton Collier and Judy Rock Evans.
October 2, 2018 Forest Grove, Oregon.
When you meet up with a classmate, take a photo for the website!
August 2018 L to R:  Scott & Sandie Eymer, Cliff Goss.  Mr. Goss is going strong!
If you run into a teacher or classmate, snap a selfie and send it my way!
'2nd Wednesday' May 9, 2018 The Field House Pizza and Pub 
L to R:  Anne (Leslie) Hooper, Tom Stecher, Ron Lehman, Kathy Bloom (Class of 1964), Barbara (Simpson) Arnold, Tim and Marti (Boyle) Daniels, Vicky (Plumb) Jeffries, Sandie (DeFreese) and Scott Eymer, Eldon Garrett
L to R: Kathy (Beal) and Steve Brown, Barry Peckham, Rod and Gloria (Breeden) Staudinger
Judy (Rock) Evans and Sandie (DeFreese) Eymer
Coffee Anyone?    After our 40th reunion many classmates continued to stay in contact.  If you get together with a classmate or bump into a classmate or a teacher be sure to snap a photo and email it to me at and I will post it here...  --Scott Eymer
Chris Ladish (Carbery) with Scott Eymer February 2018
"2nd Wednesday" April 11, 2018 at Ferraro's Italian Restaurant
L to R: Richard Leslie (class of 1971), Ray Golly, Ron Lehman, Barry Peckham, Tom Stecher, Anne (Leslie) Hooper, Kathy (Beal) Brown, Steve Brown, Marti (Boyle) Daniels, Tim Daniels, Scott Eymer, Herb Thomas, Stephanie Golly, Ray and Stephanie's nephew.
"2nd Wednesday"-March14, 2018 at Roundtable Pizza in the 5 Mile Shopping Center
L to R: Anne (Leslie) Hooper, Steve and Kathy (Beal) Brown, Kathy Bloom (class of 1964) Barbara (Simpson) Arnold.  Not pictured but attending and taking the photo Richard Leslie (class of 1971)
Luncheon February 13, 2018 at Mama Mia's 420 W. Francis--Good time, New Faces, Invited guests!
Left to Right:  Ken Hoff, Dave and Becky (Cooper) South, Kathy Bloom (Class of 1964), Barb (Simpson) Arnold, Marti (Boyle) Daniels,  Tom Stecher. Ron Lehman, Anne (Leslie) Hooper, Scott Eymer, Judy (Grim) and Dan LeBahan (Class of '68), Kathy (Beal) and Steve Brown.
Second Wednesday January 10, 2018 at Hop Jack's.  Fun crowd, good food....good times!
L to R:  Kathy (Beal) and Steve Brown,  Susan Willden, Jackie and Joel Wells, Vicki (Plumb) Jeffries, Marty (Boyle) and Tim Daniels, Ray and Stephanie Golly, Sandie (DeFreese) and Scott Eymer, Tom Stecher, Anne (Leslie) Hooper.  
"2nd Wednesday" December 13th at MacKenzie River Pizza.  Good Food!  Fun Gathering.  Nice spot for a future dinner....
L to R: Susan (Peters) Willden, Dave Peters (class of '68) Sandie (DeFreese) Eymer, Kathy (Beal) Brown, Steve Brown, Vicki (Plumb) Jeffries, Ron Lehman, Scott Eymer,
Anne (Leslie) Hooper, Barb (Simpson) Arnold.  
"2nd Wednesday" November 8, 2017 at Ferraro's Italian Restaurant.  Good food, good company!
L to R:  David Corn, Barb (Simpson) Arnold, Marti (Boyle) Daniels, Scott Eymer, Vicki (Plumb) Jeffries, Anne (Leslie) Hooper, Joel and Jackie Wells, Ron Lehman, Sandie (DeFreese) Eymer, Herb Thomas, Tim Daniels, Barbara Corn.  Not pictured, Tom Stecher.
'2nd Wednesday' October 11, 2017 at Spikes Phillys and More! Great group...nice crowd! Who joined us?  Ray Golly, Joel and Jackie Wells, Tom Stecher, Scott and Sandie (DeFreese) Eymer, Barry Peckham, Anne (Leslie) Hooper, Vicki (Plumb) Jeffries, Ron Lehman, Steve and Kathy (Beal) Brown, Richard Leslie (class of '71), Rod and Gloria (Breeden) Staudinger, Tim and Marti (Boyle) Daniels.  Various photos below.
Steve and Kathy (Beal) Brown
Rod and Gloria (Breeden) Staudinger, Tim and Marti Daniels
Tim and Marti (Boyle) Daniels
Ray Golly, Joel and Jackie Wells
"2nd Wednesday" May 10, 2017 at Prospectors Bar and Grill.  Great Crowd, good opportunity to visit, excellent food.
Tim Swenson (R) in town from Dallas, pictured with Ray Golly
L to R: Anne (Leslie) Hooper, Scott and Sandie (DeFreese) Eymer, Vicki (Plumb) Jeffries, Tom Stecher, Marty (Boyle) Daniels, Barbara and David Corn, Tim Daniels, Kathy (Beal) and Steve Brown, Ron Lehman, Barry Peckham, Stephanie and Ray Golly.
"Second Wednesday" April 12, 2017 at Spikes Phillys and More.  Great crowd, lots of laughs...good food and fellowship.
Center to L:  Ray and Stephanie Golly, Sandie (DeFreese) and Scott Eymer, Anne (Leslie) Hooper, Tom Stecher, Gloria (Breeden) and Rod Staudinger, Barry Peckham, Kathy (Beal) and Steve Brown, Susan (Peters) Wilden, Ron Lehman, Vicki (Plumb) Jeffries, Marti (Boyle) and Tim Daniels.
"Second Wednesday" March 8, 2017 at Round Table Pizza!
L to R:  Sandie (DeFreese) Eymer, Scott Eymer, Rod Staudinger, Gloria (Breeden) Staudinger, Susan (Peters) Wilden, Ron Lehman, Vicki (Plumb) Jeffries, Tom Stecher.
"Second Wednesday" February 8, 2017 at the Cathay Inn.  Snowy night...Didn't seem to bother these classmates!  
L to R:  Scott and Sandie (DeFreese) Eymer, Anne (Leslie) Hooper, Ken Hoff, Steve and Kathy (Beal) Brown, Ray Golly, Tom Stecher, Barbara and David Corn. 
Coffee Anyone?    After our 40th reunion many classmates continued to stay in contact.  If you get together with a classmate or bump into a classmate or a teacher be sure to snap a photo and email it to me at and I will post it here...  --Scott Eymer
January 2017.  Judy (Rock) Evans with Jared Crawford (Mead 1994).  Jared, who grew up in the Wandermere area,  is a physician's assistant in Ancorage.
December 18, 2016. Spotted a former favorite teacher....Mary Hyatt with Scott Eymer
November 30, 2016 L to R: Marc Martyn ('69) Scott Eymer, Jerry Clark ('69)
November 13, 2014 L to R:  Telford Burtts ('69, Florida), Marc Martyn ('69) Scott Eymer
"Second Wednesday" January 11, 2017 Tecata Mexican Grill.
Great time, excellent table talk.  L to R: Tom Stecher, Scott and Sandie (DeFreese) Eymer, Susan (Peters) Wilden, Ron Lehman, Tim and Marti (Boyle) Daniels, Denny Horlacher.
"Second Wednesday" December 14 2016 Two-Seven Public House.      Small, fun gathering in single digit temperatures. 
L to R: Scott Eymer, David Corn, Tom Stecher, Ron Lehman, Barbara Corn, Sandie (DeFreese) Eymer

"Second Wednesday" November 9, 2016 Round Table Pizza  L to R Scott & Sandie (DeFreese) Eymer, Gloria (Breeden) Staudinger, Anne (Leslie) Hooper, Tom Stecher, Barb (Simpson) Arnold, Denny Horlacher, Tim and Marti (Boyle) Daniels

"Second Wednesday" October 12, 2016 at Ferraro's Italian Restaurant.
Great food...lots of laughs and new faces! 
Herb Thomas, Tim and Marti (Boyle) Daniels
Janice Wicklund Lahde and husband Jim Lahde
Ron Lehman, Judy (Rock) Evans, Sandie (DeFreese) Eymer
Old Buddies....Scott Eymer and Tom Stecher
First Thursday June 2, 2016 at the Longhorn BBQ in Airway Heights...Since 1956, the Longhorn BBQ!  Good time, great meal...about time we met at the Longhorn BBQ!
L to R: Tom Stecher, Tim Daniels, Anne (Leslie) Hooper, Scott Eymer, Paul Eacker and wife Gail, David Corn and wife Barbara, Marti (Boyle) Daniels, Sandie (DeFreese) Eymer.  Not pictured: photographer Barry Peckham.
First Thursday May 5th at Roundtable Pizza in the 5 Mile Shopping Center...good friends, good time!
 Pictured L to R:  Al Coller, Mike Gwynn, Barb (Simpson) Arnold, Susan (Peters) Wilden, Ron Lehman, Sandie (DeFreese) Eymer, Tom Stecher, Patrick Coker (Class of 1969), Barry Peckham, Scott Eymer, Steve and Kathy (Beal) Brown, Anne (Leslie) Hooper, Julie Gwynn

First Thursday April 7, 2016 at  El Sombrero Mexican Restaurant.  No photo taken.  Attending:  Barry Peckham, Tim and Marti (Boyle) Daniels, Ron Lehman, Tom Stecher, Scott and Sandie (DeFreese) Eymer, Anne (Leslie) Hooper.  


Thursday March 3, 2016 at O'Doherty's Irish Grille located in Downtown Spokane  

L to R: Ron Lehman, Rod and Gloria (Breeden) Staudinger, Scott Eymer, Vicki (Plumb) Jeffries, Sandie (DeFreese) Eymer, Tom Stecher, Anne (Leslie) Hooper, Barb (Simpson) Arnold, Judy (Grim) Lebahn (who was in town from her home in Tennessee)


Thursday February 4, 2016 at Hugo's on the South Hill.  Great conversation, good food. Nice spot for us to gather.  

L to R: Tim and Marti (Boyle) Daniels, Susan (Peters) Willden, Sandie (DeFreese) and Scott Eymer, Tom Stecher, Ron Lehman, Barbara and David Corn, Anne (Leslie) Hooper

BELOW:  They couln't join us for First Thursday, but sent this instead:  Barry Peckham and Gloria (Breeden) and Rod Staudinger on Thursday in Thailand!

Thursday December 3, 2015 LUNCH at Mamma Mia's.  New place for us....good food, good friends!  Pictured (L to R) Tom Stecher, Ron Lehman, Barbara (Simpson) Arnold and twin grandchildren, Anne (Leslie) Hooper, Scott Eymer


First Thursday November 5th 2015 at Ferraros Italian Restaurant 3022 N. Division in north Spokane.  We had a nice group, good food and even better conversation!
Left to Right:  Tom Stecher, Ron Lehman, Vicki (Plumb) Jeffries, Gloria (Breeden) Staudinger, Barb (Simpson) Arnold, Tim Daniels with granddaughter Lilly, Marti (Boyle) Daniels, David and Barbara Corn, Rod Staudinger, Barry Peckham, Scott Eymer
First Thursday October 1, 2015 at Ferraros Italian Restaurant.  With many of our regulars traveling or sick we had a smaller group...And Ferraros is a nice location, good food and perfect atmosphere for easy conversation.  L to R: Ron Lehman, Marti (Boyle) Daniels, Tim Daniels, Christine (Huta) Eriksen, Sandie (DeFreese) Eymer, Scott Eymer, Susan (Peters) Willden.
First Thursday June 4, 2015 at Spike's Phillys and More.
Starting left front:  Rod and Gloria (Breeden) Staudinger, Scott Eymer, Tom Stecher, Vickie (Plumb) Jeffries, Tim and Marti (Boyle) Daniels, Susan (Peters) Willden, Barb (Simpson) Arnold, Sandie (DeFreese) Eymer,
Joel and Jackie Wells, Anne (Leslie) Hooper (Not pictured; Bill and Joan Light. 
First Thursday May 7th 2015 at Ferraros Italian Restaurant and Bar at 3022 North Division.   Nice Crowd, great restaurant....wonderful food and quiet enough for us all to have easy conversation!
Front left and around the table:  Ron Lehman, Rod and Gloria (Breeden) Staudinger, Susan (Peters) Willden, Anne (Leslie) Hooper, Barbara (Simpson) Arnold, Scott and Sandie (DeFreese) Eymer, Ken Hoff, Marti (Boyle) and Tim Daniels.
First Thursday April 2, 2015 at the Swinging Doors Restaurant and Sports Bar. Sixteen classmates and spouses filled three tables!  Lots of stories, lots of laughter.  Just what you'd expect from good OLD friends!
Left to right:  Marti (Boyle) and Tim Daniels, Joel and Jackie Wells, Susan (Peters) Willden, Sandie (DeFreese) Eymer, Vicki (Plumb) Jeffries, Tom Stecher, Anne (Leslie) Hooper, Barb (Simpson) Arnold, Scott Eymer, Ron Lehman, Paul Eacker.  Not pictured:  Gail Eacker, Gloria (Breeden) Staudinger.
Paul of the few guys who can STILL wear his Mead Letter Sweater today!
First Thursday March 5, 2015 at Shakey's Pizza ParlorThis gathering could be titled "Five Guys Telling Lies"...just 5, all men....all talking about how great we were back in the day!  We really had a nice time catching up and talking about high school days and all the guys (and a few of the girls!)  that weren't at the table...
Back Row:  Denny Horlacher, Ron Lehman
Front Row: Tom Stecher, Scott Eymer, Eldon Garrett
First Thursday February 5, 2015 at Hugo's on the South Hill...nice conversation, good food, great friends!
Anne Leslie Hooper
Barbara Simpson Arnold                      David and Barbara Corn
Scott & Sandie (DeFreese) Eymer       Tom Stecher
Barry Peckham and Scott and Sandie
(taken Saturday Feb 7 at Pooles)
First Thursday Luncheon Shakey's Pizza Parlor December 4th 2014...casual...easy...a great time with some classmates joining us for the first time!  Check it out...15 folks at our table!
Barb (Simpson) Arnold                             Judy (Dehate) Simpson
Ron Lehman                                                          Anne (Leslie) Hooper
Mike and Julie Gwynn                              David Corn, Susan Peters Willden
                                                                 Pam (Anderson) Hartsoch
Bill and Joan Light                                      Ken Hoff
Steve & Kathy (Beal) Brown                   Judy Simpson, Scott Eymer
Pictured only in the group shot, Tom Stecher          
First Thursday November 6th, 2014 at The Swinging Doors.  We had a great time...a full table and a couple of classmates who attended for the FIRST TIME!  Paul Eacker and his bride Gail, and Susan Peters Willden joined many of us who have become 'regulars'  It was great seeing Susan and Paul (and meeting Gail).  
Paul and Gail Eacker                                                 Susan Peters Willden
Tim and Mart (Boyle)i Daniels                                             Tom Stecher
Randy Michaelis                                   Scott and Sandie (DeFreese) Eymer
Anne (Leslie) Hooper
First Thursday October 2, 2014 at The Swinging Doors.  After a summer break we had a great turnout for our first gathering of this new season!  Having reserved seating enabled us to sit together as a group and visit around. Joel Wells and his bride Jackie were new faces in our group.  Travelers Dan (Class of '68) and Judy (Grim) Lebahn were in town helping out the folks here from their home in Tennessee. I have attached names to the pictures of the rest of the group (except Gloria's husband Rod is not shown).
     Joel and Jackie Wells                       Tim and Marti (Boyle) Daniels
  Gloria (Breeden) Staudinger,         Sandie (DeFreese) Eymer
   Anne (Leslie) Hooper
             Scott Eymer              Dan ('68) and Judy (Grim) Lebahn
     Tom Stecher                        Vicki (Plumb) Jeffries
First Thursday June 5, 2014.  Good Friends, good conversation at Fieldhouse Pizza and Pub in NW Spokane.  Below, L to R: Scott and Sandie (DeFreese) Eymer, Vicki (Plumb) Jeffries, Denny Horlacher, Barry Peckham, Tom Stecher
Below, L to R:  Barry Peckham, Tom Stecher, Tim and Marti (Boyle) Daniels, Barbara (Simpson) Arnold, Anne (Leslie) Hooper, Scott and Sandie (DeFreese) Eymer
First Thursday May 1, 2014.  We gathered at Poole's Public House...just the 'regulars' were there including Gloria (Breeden) Staudinger and husband Rod, Tom Stecher, Barry Peckham, Dave Corn and wife Barb, Anne (Leslie) Hooper, Barbara (Simpson) Arnold, Scott and Sandie (DeFreese) Eymer.
Mead '70 Luncheon - April 16, 2014 Shakey's Pizza.  Hosted by Al Coller...nice turnout, good food...good times!  Below (L to R) Al Coller & Sally Stecher, Barry Peckham, Ron Lehman and Al Coller, Tom Stecher, Scott Eymer, Joan and Bill Light , Barb (Simpson) Arnold and Gloria (Breeden) Staudinger.
First Thursday April 3, 2014 at Hugo's on the South Hill.  Good food, great conversation!  Scott and Sandie (DeFreese) Eymer, Rod and Gloria (Breeden) Staudinger, Mike and Julie Gwynn, Tom Stecher, Barbara (Simpson) Arnold, and Anne (Leslie) Hooper.
First Thursday March 6, 2014 at Poole's Public House.
What a nice gathering!  From lower left:  Anne (Leslie) Hooper, Barry Peckham, Tim Daniels, Marti (Boyle) Daniels, Gloria (Breeden) Staudinger, Sandie (DeFreese) Eymer, Vicki (Plumb) Jeffries, Tom Stecher, Scott Eymer
Anne (Leslie) Hooper, Barry Peckham      Sandie, Vicki, Tom and Rod Staudinger
This one is for Marti's sister Mary:
Tim and Marti Daniels                        Gloria (Breeden) Staudinger
First Thursday February 6th, 2014 was at  Birdy's Sports Bar in the Wandermere Center on North Division past Hasting Road. Tom Stecher and Barry Peckham hosted Judy (Grim) Lebahn who was in town from Tennessee visiting family.  Judy married Dan Lebahn (Mead class of 1968) in 1971.
Photos of First Thursday January 2, 2014 at The Boiler Room at Cedar Crossing:  Pictured below (L to R) Anne (Leslie) Hooper, Barb (Simpson) Arnold, Sandie (DeFreese) and Scott Eymer, Rod and Gloria (Breeden) Staudinger and their guest Trinity, Skip and Pam (Anderson) Hartsoch, Barry Peckham, Maureen and Randy Michaelis, Karen (Barton) Collier in town from Omaha, Nebraska,  Not pictured, but very much a part of the group, Bill Light.
Photos of First Thursday December 5, 2013 at Birdy's Sports Bar in Wandermere Shopping Center. 
Below:  Denny Horlacher, Randy McVay, Dave Axelson, Anne (Leslie) Hooper, Tom Stecher
First Thursday November 7th at Hugo's on the South Hill in the Lincoln Heights Shopping Center at 29th and Regal.  No photos...we had pretty much the same crew as was there on May 5th (see photos, below).  Who attended?  David Corn and Barbara, Mike Gwynn and Julie, Diane (Moore) Critchlow, Scott and Sandie (DeFreese) Eymer, Rod and Gloria (Breeden) Staudinger. 
Photos of First Thursday October 3, 2013 at Birdy's Sports Bar in the Wandermere Shopping Center.  Fun Times, new faces!  Pictured below are Randy and Maureen Michaelis, Judy (Rock) Evans--in town from Anchorage (!), Barry Peckham, Scott and Sandie (DeFreese) Eymer, and guests from the Mead Class of '69 Joan (Bischoff) Lanning and husband Jeff.  Not pictured, but very much in attendance, Tom Stecher and Denny Horlacher.
Below,from left front Joan (Bischoff) Lanning (class of '69), Barry Peckham, Denny Horlacher, Tom Stecher, Randy Michaelis and wife Maureen, Scott Eymer, Sandie (DeFreese) Eymer, Jeff Lanning (Joan's husband).  Not pictured, Judy (Rock) Evans as she took this photo!
Photos, First Thursday June 6, 2013 at The Iron Horse Bar and Grill in the Spokane Valley.
Good food, good company.  Pretty much just 'the regulars' showed up.  Pictured below Tom Stecher, Gloria (Breeden) and Rod Staudinger, Barbara (Simpson) Arnold, Al Coller, Anne (Leslie) Hooper, and Scott Eymer
            Tom Stecher                                   
     Gloria (Breeden) and Rod Staudinger
    Barbara (Simpson) Arnold, Al Coller
     Anne (Leslie) Hooper
     Scott Eymer
Photos--First Thursday May 2, 2013 at Hugo's on the South Hill!
Wow...what a great place to meet.  We were treated very well at Hugo's and Thursday night just happens to be dollar taco night!  Plus, since Hugo's is a casino they have a complete bar so a wide assortment of adult beverages littered our table.
Attending for the first time:  Dave Bingham from the Seattle area, Mike Gwynn and fiance Julie, Diane (Moore) Critchlow and husband George along with daughter Charlotte.  Regulars include Tom Stecher, Dave and Barb Corn, Barbara (Simpson) Arnold, Anne (Leslie) Hooper, Barry Peckham, Scott and Sandie (DeFreese) Eymer.
  David Bingham                                Mike Gwynn & Julie
  Tom Stecher                                    Barb (Simpson) Arnold
Diane (Moore) Critchlow, daughter Charlotte and husband George
          Anne (Leslie) Hooper
Not pictured...but at the event, Dave and Barb Corn, Barry Peckham, Scott & Sandie Eymer
Photos--First Thursday April 4, 2013
Ken Hoff, David and Barbara Corn, Barry Peckham, Rod and Gloria (Breeden) Staudinger, Scott and Sandie (DeFreese) Eymer, Tom Stecher, Allan Coller
Photos--First Thursday March 7, 2013
Tom Stecher, Allan Coller, Gloria (Breeden) Staudinger and husband Rod.
Photos---First Thursday February 7, 2013
We had a nice gathering on February 7th...and welcomed a couple of classmates that attended for the first time!  Check out the photos below!  Greg Knudtson and Denny Horlacher, Vicki (Plumb) Jeffries, Anne (Leslie) Hooper and Barbara (Simpson) Arnold, and a photo of Anne (Leslie) Hooper and Scott Eymer. 
And I did get an RSVP from Mike Boardman who sent his regrets that he couldn't attend but just can't leave Arizona this time of year (!) AND I got a note from Barry Peckham who has not missed a Birdy's Gathering yet...but couldn't make it this time because he is drinking beer and enjoying the sunshine on the beaches at Phuket Island below...the dirty dog!
Photos---First Thursday January 3, 2013
We met at a very crowded Birdy's Sports Bar which featured a Gonzaga basketball game AND the BCS Fiesta Bowl game (with Oregon).  The place was filled with Ducks and Zag fans...and our table of Mead 70 graduates. Photos below: Barry Peckham, Tim Arneson and Tom Stecher, Tim and Marti Daniels, Allan Coller (not pictured, Scott Eymer). 
Photos---First Thursday December 6, 2012
Photos below:  Allan Coller, Sally Stecher, Tom Stecher, Denny Horlacher, Leslie Horlacher, Scott Eymer, Randy Michaelis, Barry Peckham
Photos--First Thursday November 1, 2012: Randy Michaelis, Tom Stecher, Anne Leslie (Hooper), Barb Simpson (Arnold), Barry Peckham, Dave Axelson, Denny Horlacher, Marti Boyle (Daniels), Tim Daniels, Marti Boyle (Daniels), David and Barbara Corn, Scott Eymer, Sandie DeFreese (Eymer)
Photos--First Thursday October 4, 2012:  Bill and Joan Light, Denny Horlacher, Barry Peckham, Rod and Gloria (Breeden) Staudinger, Tom Stecher and Scott Eymer
August 2012:  Scott and Sandie Eymer dine with classmate JUDY GRIM LEBAHN durning her vist to Spokane from her home in Maryville TN.  If you visit with out of town classmates please snap a photo and send it to me so I can post it here....everyone wants to see!
 We had a wonderful time as the Mead School District celebrated it's Centennial on April 21, 2012.  The Class of '70 was well represented by Tim and Marti (Boyle) Daniels, Barb (Simpson) Arnold, Anne (Leslie) Hooper, Scott and Sandie (DeFreese) Eymer.

 Tim and Marti Daniels (4/21/12)

 Barb Arnold and Anne Hooper (4/21/12)
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