Missing Classmates

The classmate list below is EVERYONE who we have STILL not been able to locate. If you know anyone's whereabouts, please send an email to Scott Eymer at eymers2009@hotmail.com or contact us by hitting the "Contact Us" link to the left of this page and send us a means (preferably an e-mail address) to reach these missing classmates. Better yet, YOU contact the individual and ask them to please log on to THIS website ASAP.  Be sure to give them the EXACT website address--don't just say "It's the Mead High School website," because it is NOT.  This is a private website built and maintained only by the Class of 1970.  As such it is our ONLY clearinghouse for classmate data.  And word-of-mouth  is the ONLY way we're going to be able to find anyone and everyone who was in the terrific Mead High School Class of '70! 

The classmates we have located but have not yet registered on this website are NOT on this list...these are only our fellow classmates we've not located.  Please help us!


Gregory P. Barnufsky
Norreen R. Braaten
Curtis D. Brown
Duane R. Brown
Randy G. Hopkins
Sherry A. Johnson
Wayne D. Johnson
Warren Lemmons
Susan M. Schultz (Tylock)
Randall M. Spink
Sherry Stephens (Cook)
Roderic E. Van Heusen
Kathleen E. Weber (Diebler)

Guest Members

Kenneth Clark (Class Of '71)
Bobbi Fecht (Wells -Class Of '71)
Debbie Witiuk (Smith-Class Of 72, Wid…)