8/11 Tri Class Photo

Tri Class 'Reconnection'

On August 13, 2011 members of Mead Classes of 1968, 1969 and 1970 gathered at Curley's in Hauser, Idaho for a Tri-Class 'Reconnection'. 

 An eclectic group of seventy seven classmates and spouses/guests easily mingled and the weather was perfect for visiting outside on the patio at Curley's.

Mary Laws Reno and the class of '69 provided the venue and the birthday cake...as members of the class celebrate the big SIX-O this year.  Tom Stecher led the classes of '68 and '70 in a rendition of "Happy Birthday' serenading our friends from '69.

The class of '70 provided appetizers and soft drinks. Although several couples drifted away by 10pm, the hardy souls stayed and danced to live music at Curley's.

Class of 1970-Tom Stecher, Karla Winkleman, Dave Yates, Barry Peckham, Greg Knudtson, Anita Baker Spencer, Scott Eymer, David Corn, Sandie DeFreese Eymer, Janice Wicklund Lahde

 David Corn, Scott Eymer, David Yates

 Christine and Chris Peterson

 Bill Clark (69), Barry Peckham

 Anita Baker Spencer, Rick Spencer

 Sandie DeFreese Eymer, Karla Winkleman

 Greg Knudtson

 Tom Stecher

Class of 1969-Bill Clark, Tom Shaw, Bob Kellogg, Mary Laws Reno, Roger Libby, Patty Mott, Dan Stoneman, Judy Young Brokow, Vickey Duskey, Barbara Kloepful, Cheryl Sletten Lovett, Pam Dahl Morrow, Joan Bischoff Lanning, Edie Bartel Busso, Nancy Winniford Ashley, Shirley Weatherford Hillhouse

 Nancy Winniford Ashley ('69), Dan Stoneman, ('69), Pam Dahl Morrow (69)

 Mary Laws Reno ('69)

 Sandie DeFreese Eymer ('70), Edie Bartel Busso ('69)

 Tom Shaw ('69) and wife Phyllis

 Roger Libby ('69) and wife Debbie

 Bob Kellogg ('69)

Class of 1968 (top row) Steve Jackson, Barby Bayley Jackson, Fred Totzek, Gary Zickler.  (bottom row) Jim Lahde, Lenny Cordill, Daunita Austin Higgins, Al Shadowen, Connie Larson Mitchell.


 Fred Totzek ('68) and Barby Bayley Jackson ('68)

Party Pictures......what a nice time!




If you took photos at this event please email them to Scott Eymer at eymers2009@hotmail so they can be posted here.  Thanks!