Doyle Wheeler

Profile Updated: December 16, 2017
Residing In: Deer Park, WA USA
Spouse/Partner: Penny
Military Service: U.S. Army  
Occupation: Retired Police Lieutenant
Children, grandkids? GREAT GRANDKIDS? Age and names: My children include Matt, age 37, Brettnie age 38, Sean age 36 My second family James 33, Morganne, More…30, Romaine 29, Abbea 19, We are also raising one of James children Remi 12,
I have several grand children Mackinzi 21, Kloee14, Drydin 15, Kruse 13 Rem i12 Kai 12 Braedon 9 Lexie 8 Trystan 6 Jagger 4 Rose 2 Sofia 2
Current interests, hobbies, passions:

Currently I spend all of time working on our home. We were flooded out by Hurricane Harvey with four feet of water throughout our house. We had fourteen days of straight rain before Harvey and then 58 inch of rain in three days once rain stopped. No one was hurt I loaded my wife our grand daughter , my mother in-law three grown St. Bernard's two small dogs and three suit cases in my H2 Hummer and pushed three feet of water for about 20 miles driving out of here. We drove for five hours before we found a motel that would except our dogs. I'm currently putting together a non-profit to help veterans.
I like to fish and hunt I was building a 1959 Caddy to drive to the next reunion but the flood claimed it.
I moved down here to Southeast Texas due to my Arthritis in my neck and spine the warm weather help I could just due with a little less rain.

Whatcha been up to since Mead 1970?

Well I left in my senior year to join the Army I know it was a very dumb thing to do. After jump school I volunteered and was stationed in the beautiful central highland of the Republic of Vietnam.
I took long walks in the jungle making sure to stay off of trails but cut plenty of new ones with a machete.
I crossed rice patties filled with leeches and depended on a fellow soldiers to burn them from places I could not reach. I practiced my marksmanship frequently.
I got the opportunity to meet beautiful American nurses that treated my wounds. Oh yeah a second and third time, different nurse each trip. My last wound sent me to an Army hospital in Japan & then home
After I got out of the Army I joined the police department in Astoria Oregon. After a year of rain I went to sunny San Diego where I worked as patrol officer, under cover narcotics detective, Swat officer, Agent, Sergeant, SWAT sergeant, Beach Team Sergeant, Narcotics Sergeant, Lieutenant, Homicide Lieutenant.
During these years I managed to get my BS and a Masters in Criminal Justice which I have never used.
During the mid-1970 I worked on my days off as stunt man at Universal studios on a television show called SWAT and a few others. After being shot, stabbed and run over I took a medical retirement from the San Diego P.D.
I moved back to the Spokane area.
I tried to live a quiet life but ended up being splattered all of the news when I was shot in my home.
The Spokesman Review enjoyed speculating and printed crap that was so twisted it was hard to recognize. Three years later when a suspect surrendered the Great Spokesman Review decided they did not want to print the story.
Oh well no one said life would be easy or fair!
I raised my children in Suncrest where both went to Lakeside High School. My son was a champion wrestler winning state and going on to win the high school national championship. He wrestled for North Carolina as a true freshman and then transferred to Boise State and won the Pac 10 championship.
My daughter also attended college at the falls and Eastern. My son is a Spokane Policeman my daughter helps her husband run Flaim Brothers Construction, and she also works at the middle school.
After retiring from the police department I worked as a project manager, managed several different stores and built some houses.
A bad motorcycle accident, followed by stroke and seizures has slowed me down a bit.
Now I'll be running barn sales every couple of weeks here on the homestead.
My wife and I recently moved back to the area from the Seattle area to be closer to the kids and grandchildren.
We bought the old mill property in Deer Park it has two homes and several out buildings. I'm very lucky to have a wonderful couple that rents the second house.

A Memorable Mead Moment

This moment happened over 30 years after leaving Mead.
I had wrestled a season for Cash Stone and I was not very good at it. Over the years Cash and I talked many time about the good old days.
One year I was watching my son just really beat up on one of Mead best wrestlers.
Cash was next to me watching the match. He looked a little shocked that his wrestler was just getting thrashed, I said to him don't you wish I wrestled as well as my son? He smiled and said if you had we would have won another state title.
It's funny I thought Cash was old when we were in school 30 years later he was still coaching.

Do you still hang out with any classmates?

Over the years I've run into a few perhaps five classmates.
I've seen more people from the class of 68 than I have the class of 1970.
Craig Turner from the class of 68 and I have been close friends from back in school. We joined the Army together and hooked back up when I lived here in the 1980's I recently moved to Orange Texas

What teacher made the greatest impression on you and why?

That is an easy one, Joel Harding. He made me feel like I could accomplish anything that I put my effort into.

What have you always wanted to do that you haven't done yet?

Good question my bucket list includes Salmon Fishing in Alaska. Besides that I really don't know I have had the chance to do so much in my life and go so many places I'll have to think about that one for a while.
I guess I'd like to get one of my books published and or one or both of the songs I've written. I guess you have submit them to get them published.

I love writing things that cross my mind down. Example
"What is a friend but someone that is willing to accept all of your shortcomings? Which of course then begs the question do you really want to be friends with someone that will accept all of those shortcomings?" by Doyle F. Wheeler in the year of our Lord 2010
"Friends fall into categories there are new friends, old friends, good friends, and best friends, fair weather friends and true friends. The latter being the keepers for there are so few really true friends that when you find one you cherish them always!" by Doyle F. Wheeler in the year of our Lord 2010

What would we be surprised to know about you?

Pretty much everything that I've lived through in my life time would shock the hell out of most if not all of you!
A few things that might surprise my classmates.
I took a gun from a man that was going to try to shoot President Ford.
I provided protection for Presidents Ford, Carter, Regan, Bush one, Empire Hirohito, Prince Charles & Princess Diana, Moshe Dayan, and many others. In my younger days I was invited to the playboy mansion around a dozen times for parties, do to getting to know people on the set of TV shows I did stunt work for.
I was invited by Ron and Nancy Regan to both of President Regan's Inaugurations. I turned down a job as an Inspector General under President Regan boy was that a stupid mistake.
Myself and five other officers provided protection for President Regan before he was eligible for Secret Service protection in his 1980 race. He wanted to go to U.C. Berkley.

The students were not happy to see him and became unruly. We backed him into a doorway while we traded punches with the student and waited for the local police to arrive. The next think I knew he had his jacket off and was standing next to me throwing punches. I looked at my partner and said I can vote for this guy. True story, he was the most amazing man I've ever met.

2015 Update HERE

Love it here in Texas when I'm not being flooded, wish I had moved here years ago. We found a magnificent home on ten acres with two stocked ponds for me to enjoy fishing. I;m going to add a pool and large shop to round out the homestead. The pool may have to wait as we're rebuilding our beautiful home.
I think the warmer weather in the winter will make life a little easier.
If you get down to Texas give me a shout.

If you were a member of the Class of '70 but didn't graduate with us....what did you do instead?

Writing: I believe you can learn far more about someone by what they have written than by what they have said!
Every few day I'll add more of my musings. When it gets to full I'll dump some of them.

"To all my fellow traveler's down the road that is life I bid you a pleasant journey. If you're like me the road has not always been as smooth as we would have liked. I used to envy those that sailed straight down life's road without hitting storms, curves or pot holes. With age came the wisdom that traveling through the storms is what has given me the character to enjoy the journey!"
by Doyle Wheeler 2010

"I have walked through the valley of death from front to back and from back to front and been scared each step of the way. Does this mean I lack faith in God's promise? I think not, I believe it a wise man that knows he is vulnerable to injury and death. It is a man of strong character that knowing he is vulnerable takes that walk anyway when life demands it!" by Doyle Wheeler

"Friends come into our lives at different times and for many different reasons. A few friends stay usually very few stay on as true friends, those few are the ones worth having! It only took me near on sixty years to acquire six true friends, one every ten years is not a bad average!" by Doyle Wheeler

"Time is the one thing in our lives we have no control over, so why do suppose we waste so much of it chasing the American Dream? Wouldn't it be wiser to build your own dream?" by Doyle Wheeler 2010

“Seeking answers is much like fishing one needs to be able to discern the nibble of a fish bite from the bump of a hard rock. As you can beat yourself against the rocks and never get the right answer.
But if you get the right answer and can’t or don’t recognize it then it’s lost like the one that got away!
One must recognize the truth from the fiction in order to net the correct answer.” by Doyle Wheeler

“Life is a never ending challenge of one’s unwillingness to accept the inevitable, that a Jewish Carpenter will decide their ultimate fate
based on their willingness to acknowledge Him and ask Him for forgiveness! Faith is the key that will unlock the door to eternal life.” by Doyle Wheeler

“While it’s true that a man is measured by his character the measurements can be reported incorrectly by the media!” by Doyle Wheeler 2010

“To be a man of character is a full time position without holidays or days off. Is it any wonder so few men are willing to fill the positions?” by Doyle F. Wheeler

“A man that stands up for God is setting the bar for real men to step up too!” by Doyle F. Wheeler 2010

“Crimes against women and children are committed be under developed adolescents masquerading as men!” by Doyle F. Wheeler 2010

"Real men can have a softer side and not have to prove anything for lesser men stand on the side lines and let us do the heavy lifting!" by Doyle F. Wheeler in the year of our Lord 2010

"Truth was once revered in this country now it’s viewed as a shortcoming! Show me a good liar and I’ll show you someone that is going places!" by Doyle F. Wheeler

“Cowards fled to the north to avoid service only to be welcomed back with full immunity, while those that served were scorned for their honorable service, go figure?” by D.W.

"Getting into a war is really quite easy, any two idiots can bring it about. On the other hand getting out of a war takes reasonable people willing to put their ego’s aside to save lives." by Doyle F. Wheeler

"It is wise to keep in mind that war must always be the very last resort and never the first option. To do otherwise is to admit that your development stopped at the Junior High School level." by D.W.

"People like a good war every now and then as long as it’s short and none of their children have to participate!" D.W.

"The decision to engage in warfare against another country is not something that should be left to angry old men. The mothers from both sides should be entrusted to negotiate a peaceful solution." D.W.

"Before a President orders our young men and women into harm’s way he should be willing to post his child at the front of the column!" D.W.

"When young people die in wars created by old politicians the world is worse for it." D.W.

"What is war but an absence of a willingness to accept that others may wish to live differently than the biggest bully is willing to accept?" D.W.

"Why live in the tranquility of peace when you can enjoy the utter waste of life, resources, and innocence by engaging in war? " by D.W.

"If you wish to keep any Congressman or Senator, be they a Democrat or Republican from gaining entry into your wine cellar, you should first consider hiding the key under a book bearing any of the following titles: Honor, Integrity, Honesty, Courage, Morality, or Ethics. It goes without saying they would never allow their hands to come into contact with such text!" by Doyle F. Wheeler in the year of Lord 2010

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